Research and Development



A professional way of designing products for mass consumption through usable and applicable designs

Creating designs that have better functionality and manufacturability of products and also satisfy the user value and experience.

We offer better functionality and manufacturability of our products through enhanced services and experiences to the end-users. The field is constantly shifting and evolving with rapid advancements in technology.

At RV Matrix, we specialize in the Build-Operate-transfer model, which has benefitted all our customers because of its meticulousness, timing, flexibility,

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The young and dynamic HR team has extensive experience in finding the appropriate candidate for you. Each individual from RV Matrix HR is mapped to an account to ensure that we have a complete focus on every customer.‚Äč

Forensic 1.0- Through Alternate Lights Source along with filters to identify latent fingerprints contrary to the traditional methods. Using multispectral imaging to capture and study multidimensional images. Capturing High-resolution images using custom build light and lenses.

Forensic 2.0- Using Alternate Lights Sources (ALS) to identify biological markers as an alternate source to conventional methods. Building a handheld solution that can be carried through the field to capture evidence.

EV- Building customized controllers and motors and utilizing existing battery technologies from the market that use lithium-ion and aluminum ions to deliver an enhanced final product with cutting-edge technology.

UV Sanitization- UV is a proven method of effective sanitization that offers 99.9999 safety. Through extensive calculations and tests, a UV-C Box was created for sanitizing laptops, mobile phones, wallets, and other items that are prone to be exposed to viruses.

Savior 1.0- An innovative robot created to rescue children from accidentally falling into borewells. The robot is lowered into the borewell and is controlled from the ground level. The robot is designed to have independent arms with 4 degrees of freedom.

Vanguard- An integrated technology designed to detect and deter rape and abuse in children, women, and differently-abled people. Sets off an alarm notifying the respective people when abuse is triggered and works in all frames of mind. Facilitates immediate help by sending messages to the patrol vehicles, drones, and control room.

RE- An attendance management system using face recognition and temperature monitoring. Facilitates logging in temperature details for early detection and protection against viruses.