Research and Development



Embedded systems have proven to be a useful technology across various industries including automobiles, medical equipment, and mobile phones.

Creating systems with programmable and fixed functionality through a combination of computer hardware and software designs.

We create embedded systems using hardware engineering, software applications, and Real Time Operating System (RTOS), offering solutions to specified tasks through a microcontroller or microprocessor-based system.

At RV Matrix, we specialize in the Build-Operate-transfer model, which has benefitted all our customers because of its meticulousness, timing, flexibility,

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Designing PCB

Defining a schematic of the circuit before designing a PCB creates a blueprint for laying out the traces and components of the PCB.


Selecting Components that meet the specific functionality required.


For a PCB design to go into production, the design needs to be exported in a suitable format. The prototype is tested with various constraints and conditions to assure quality.


Testing is done for defect identification. Individual component testing is done after manufacturing for quality checks and other testing.

Use of supporting languages like C, C++, Hardware Descriptive Language (HDL), and Python Micro Python for the effective hardware functions. Provides custom embedded firmware to support PCB in hardware projects. A progressive firmware update can help a device remain competitive with the latest models.