IT Staff Augmentation



A constant hiring process to ensure immediate access to the best IT resources for the market and precise HR screening to test the skills and technical ability of the candidates before reaching the clients.

Through Staff Augmentation we help in evaluating the current members of the team and determine the requirements to employ an external source.

We at RV Matrix augment candidates through a well-defined and filtered process across various domains including application development, database consultant, cloud infra, etc. The candidates apply based on the required job description, and the applied databases are collected through outsourcing platforms. Through HR screening the candidates are reviewed and documents are validated for sending to the tech panel before onboarding for the outsourcing companies.

At RV Matrix, we specialize in the Build-Operate-transfer model, which has benefitted all our customers because of its meticulousness, timing, flexibility,

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The young and dynamic HR team has extensive experience in finding the appropriate candidate for you. Each individual from RV Matrix HR is mapped to an account to ensure that we have a complete focus on every customer.‚Äč