Data and Analytics



A systematic approach for stock management, end-to-end production, and business management.

Through inventory management, we offer stock management, track inventory purchases for the sales of goods and identify and respond to trends to fill customer ord

Maintaining an optimum inventory is our highest priority to ensure the smooth functioning of any company or organization. With a strategic plan that optimizes the process of exploratory data analysis to identify and extract useful features for the required pre-defined problem statement, we are able to forecast demand based on historical data, sales prediction, automatic order placement using cutting-edge AI models like XGB, LGB, ARIMA, SARIMA.

At RV Matrix, we specialize in the Build-Operate-transfer model, which has benefitted all our customers because of its meticulousness, timing, flexibility,

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The young and dynamic HR team has extensive experience in finding the appropriate candidate for you. Each individual from RV Matrix HR is mapped to an account to ensure that we have a complete focus on every customer.​